Thats exactly what you do!
When you come to our store, you will buy the pottery you want
to take home to paint. You will also buy underglaze paint and
brushes, then take them all home to pant at your leisure.  
We sell the pottery paint and brush kits which are ready to go,
all you have to do is  choose which pieces you would like to go
Great for holiday gifts, weekend projects, work team building
activity to take to the office and do during lunch, family
reunions,birthday parties,rainy day activity,new hobby with your
teen,  the possibilities are endless.
Take as long as you like to create the perfect piece, then return
to us for clear glazing and firing.
glazing (we apply a clear glaze to the entire piece)
firing fee (each piece must be fired) of 30% of the pottery
piece price is added when you return it.

We also include detailed instruction sheet to take home too, so
no experience is necessary, anyone can do it.
Choose your pieces from our huge selection of pottery.  Here are
some examples of what you can paint.